About Us


  • Rhino Signmakers has solid foundations and a broad knowledge base stemming from the 50 years collective signage industry experience of principals Vin Merrett and Leigh Barry.
  • Rhino Signmakers has a comprehensive signage manufacturing factory (2000m2 plus hard stand and parking) located in Keilor Park, 20 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD.
  • Rhino Signmakers is a Registered Building Practitioner and Registered Electrical Contractor with decades of experience installing every type of sign – ranging from statutory signs to engineered freestanding pylons and sky signs, some sited as high as 40 stories.
  • Team members come from a broad base of technical excellence and expertise. Sign project delivery teams manage work flow from start to end and comprise Project Managers, Graphic Design and Artwork Coordinators, Production Managers, Factory Delivery Managers and Signage Installation Supervisors.
  • Rhino Signmakers stays current with developments in signage manufacturing techniques and materials. We are the exclusive suppliers of Lumicryl – a new generation illumination signage product.
  • Rhino Signmakers are committed to sustainable signage manufacturing processes through meeting government guidelines, recycling wherever possible and respecting community interests.



We love the detail in signage as much as every other part of the job at Rhino Signmakers – we believe it is where we shine brightest. We craft all of our signage with a thorough appreciation for the finest detail.


We strive to fully understand all requirements and we manage the entire process in order to meet your brand specific goals. Collaboration continues throughout the signage project to ensure any changing needs are met.


All signage work and manufacturing is completed inhouse at our factory. Our services range from design and artwork all the way through to sign installation.


We’re driven to produce crafted signage that best represents your brand whilst meeting all other project requirements. We are committed to quality artwork and production, the best materials, the most efficient process, perfect colour matching and seamless installation. Our commitment extends to delivering on time and on budget.